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Mon, 08 May 2006

[OSDL-DAM-II] Note to myself:

Never be trustfull and think that wireless will work!

Now we splitted in smaller groups and could have normal no wireless lan, if I had a cable! Which I didn't brought, since I thought, that surely in big company like IBM (hosting OSDL's DAM-2 meeting) they will have working wireless...

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[OSDL-DAM-II] Topics covered here...

Currently me mostly concentrate on the following topics:

  • Portland Project (xdg-utils)
  • Sound / Multimedia
  • Desktop Standards (LSB)
  • SODA arch (just showed by Tom Schwaller, some kind of back to the roots componized application idea)
  • build once / installation / sytem management / etc. (independent Software vendors want something like autopackage, but it should work...)
  • printing

PS: I would like to add, that I'm not flooding planet again; but the wireless lan broke down, so you'll get severall of my blogs at the same time; I'm taking notes through this and thought they might be interesting for someone.

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[OSDL-DAM-II] Just came back from lunch

Now listening a bit about Waldo Bastians talk about Portland. Interesting stuff, didn't knew something like that was planed. Other topics discussed here: Printing, Wireless, Sound and Multimedia and Desktop Standards.

Other topic mentioned: Non distributable firmwares. I thought till now, that's mainly a problem Debian is interested in. Most common solution: Distribute that and wait for lawyers to come :(

Well, at least we could find some additional power bars.

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[OSDL-DAM-II] Interesting, whome you can meet here

I think I don't need to mention the usual suspects like Kurt Pfeifle and LinuxPrinting Tim. And even one I just flamed for not delivering his paper for DebConf in time: Alvaro Lopez Ortega. As already mentioned, he'is quite interested in creating a best of both worlds system. OpenSolaris kernel and Debian userland / tools. Encouraged him to continue and got some tipps for sun protection for Mexico in return ;)

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[OSDL-DAM-II] Small timewarp...

Greeting from OSDLs Desctops Architects Meeting II in Mainz, where I'm honoured to represent the Debian Project. Not much to say till now; we just started with an introduction round... but after 40 short introductions of people, I already forgot the first ones.

Personal note: I used to be stationed here in Mainz during my military service so many years ago... Actually: I used the same train station this morning than I did during those days. I nearly went the wrong way to my old barracks... but it was some kind of strange, unfamiliar. E.G. they started to dig an old roman theatre when I was the last time there, now they are nearly finished. Looks impressive... I never saw the beatifull side of Mainz (which might be related to the problem, that I always hated to be here during those days).

Oh, break. I need to go; will blog more interesting stuff later.

Oh, BTW: One bigger point of discuss here are standards, especially LSB and and what people expect from their next releases. I have just a very general knowledge of them and feel some kind of week about that topic... What do we expect from them?

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Alexander Tolimar Reichle-Schmehl lives in Tuttlingen / Germany. Hw works as IT manager (specialized on Unix and SAN/Storage) for an international automotive supplier.