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Sat, 19 Feb 2005

Another month ...

another event. This time it's Let's open the source in Bern, Switzerland. There aren't that much visitors, but it's a nice event, although I found out, that it is sometimes easier for me, to talk to visitors in English, than to try to understand Swiss German ;)

We are showing bubulle's babbelbox, selling some shirts, while Skolelinux is on the neighbor table. Will push some photos and the slides of my talk (general introduction to Debian) online later.


I feel better, since I learned, that the Swiss have problems to understand each other, too ;)

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Broke my Notebook yesterday. Damn. Luckily I broke it after my talk, and a new one is already ordered.

Saw a nice thing at the booth of Novell / SuSE. Take a look at my gallery for some pictures.

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