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Mon, 15 Aug 2005

About music...

Yes, Meike, I have Alabama - Can't take the Country out of me on my hard disc. Guess what? That's not all! Additionally I have Angels Among Us and I'm In A Hurry And Don't Know Why, too.

I'm pretty sure, I have some other country music, too... but honestly I don't know what category most of my music is. I don't sort them by categories, I don't play them by categories. I just create a big play list of (nearly) all files, and let random choose what to play... so let's see...

$ find ~/audio -type d -maxdepth 3 -exec sh -c 'find "$0" -type f| echo -n `wc -l` ; echo " $0" ' {} \; |sort -nr|less is a bit ugly, but gives some numbers...

I have 1680 files, taking 5.8 GB - all of them legal. 151 are in the subdirectory "classic", 396 belong to a nice collection called "World of Blues", 307 for the Beach Boys, 61 for Queen, 35 for The Blues Brothers and Pink Floyd.

And while we are at it, some curiosities:

25 /home/alex/audio/movie/classic_disney_volume_ii/60_years_of_musical_magic
	# my first self bought CD
25 /home/alex/audio/movie/MontyPythonSings
	# Uhm...
12 /home/alex/audio/h2g2
	# :)
11 /home/alex/audio/movie/Dirty Dancing
	# Don't ask me, where I got that...
1 /home/alex/audio/movie/Rocky Horror Picture Show
	# Must have lost some of that soundtrack :(

So, yes, I have some country music. I think I have nearly every music style available... well... everything but German Volksmusic...

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