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Mon, 24 Oct 2005

Yes, distance sucks (sometimes).

Dear David,

believe me: Having a girlfriend, who is only 300 kilometers away doesn't feel much better either.

Okay, it's far better, than 3'000 (I don't even want to think about that), but not being able to see her for several weeks, although she is that near, isn't funny either.

But I believe, that this distance makes me feel and enjoy every minute - no, even more - every second I am with her more intensely, than I would if she would always be around me.

Good Luck,

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Coming back from Berlinux 2005...

... and noticed that Joey already blogged about it a bit earlier.

Interesting: Someone came back from a Linux event, and the best he can say is "nice building..."

Well... I'll try to find a polite, positive way to word my opinion on this years event: After the exhibition closes, they send someone around to collect notes, critics, opinions. what went wrong, how to improve, etc. That was a really good idea, but he should have brought a full charged battery for his notebook, since it took so long...

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