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Wed, 30 Nov 2005

Do you really want to know how my day was?

Well, it would have been my last day at my old job. I'll start a new one tomorrow (it's kind of debian-related, so I might blog about that later). Still some loose ends, and that nasty feeling, that I let down my boss in some kind of way - if it wasn't for the money (he can't give me more, even if he wished to do so, it was a state paid job, no possibility to negotiate about salary) I wouldn't go away.

But I didn't go to work today...

I havn't seen at a doctor for the last five years, and even then it was just a checkup when leaving military service. I honestly can't remember, when was the last time that I was so ill, that I needed to see a doctor... today I not only visited two of them before midday (the first send me to a specialist, and luckily the specialist was just a few blocks away and had time for me), I got my first operation, too. Outch.

Do you really want to know, how my day was?

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