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Mon, 11 Jul 2005

[DebConf] HOWTO make your roommates really love you

Use your cellphone as an alarm clock. Set it to wake you at an early time. Stand up even earlier and leave the room. If it goes off and wakes your roommates instead of you, you are on the right way. But why stop here? You can easily earn some bonus points if you:

  • hide it somewhere, so your roommates need to search for it.
  • use a not so common cellphone for this, so your barely awaken roommates (who didn't planed to get up that early) will first need to figure out how to turn your cellphone of,
  • Set several alarm. Just to be sure.
  • Set your cellphone to a language none of roommates understands.

Downside of this: You risk to need to search your cellphone somewhere on the grassland outside of your rooms window...

PS: No it was not me.

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Sun, 10 Jul 2005

[DebConf] DebianDay and jogging

Good news: Since five days I'm running every morning. Don't ask me, how my feet feel...

Yesterdays "kickoff session" DebianDay was not as successfully as hoped. Some technical problems (rendering my talk quite funny) and organisational problems. Well, no problem to make mistakes, as long as we learn by them. So let's see, if we can do DebConf better (after a small discussion and two sessions, it looks promising).

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Sat, 09 Jul 2005

[DebConf] Finland is indeed a strange country

As geeks we are accustomed to go to sleep after sunrise. But that this can mean more or less normal 3am...

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Fri, 08 Jul 2005


If you happen to have one of the Debian DVDs which where specially made for LinuxTag throw them as far away as you can! Immediately! That's no joke! I firmly believe, that they bring bad luck!

It started with the DVD manufacturer telling us, that the burned DVD we send them, was broken - don't ask me, what they had for problems, we tested it, and it worked. We were under a big time pressure - luckily Martin Zobel-Helas made it just in time with a new copy of the image to the post office - about 3 Minutes before they closed for "mail to be delivered before 10 AM". Soon later they called again - this time they had problems with the cover design, somehow they had problems with the height, length and the cutting edge of the graphics we send. So they got them again, and it worked.

They should have been delivered by a transportation company directly from the manufacturer to the exhibition area. But they didn't deliver in time - because he thought he shouldn't deliver that stuff to the delivery address we gave him (the exhibition area in Karlsruhe), but looked at the LinuxTag webpage, where he could see, that LinuxTags main seat is in Kaiserlautern. So instead of just delivering those damn DVDs to the address we gave him, or to get in contact with us, they decided to... not deliver at all. Instead of having the DVDs two days before the start of the exhibition, we got them one and a half day after that!

Well, you might know, that this DebConfs "kick off" event is the DebianDay, having some "low level" talks for a more general audience. It would have been nice, to have some of those DVDs here in Helsinki, to give them away.

The first thing, that went wrong was, that we got that idea far to late. It would have been easy to give some of the DVD boxes to one of the Belgian guys, who where there by car and drove to Helsinki by car. Okay, they would have needed to leave some beer behind, but some sacrifices needs to be done...

Well, as said, we didn't thought about that. The second thing, that went wrong was, that the guy, who has access to the storeroom where the DVDs are, went on holiday right after LinuxTag. A well deserved one, no question. But so we run out of time, to send the DVDs to HEL.

No problem, he arrived in time, so we could arrange, that he would send them via mail to Munich, where they should have been picked up by someone flying from Munich to HEL. That didn't worked either. The one having those DVDs in his storage room gave them to his brother, since he was busy. His brother forgot to send them away, so the guy flying to HEL couldn't pick them up...

Well, we were quite desperate, so we decided to send them with FedEx or UPS or something over night. As far as I have been told, FedEx wouldn't deliver such packages over night, since they want to store them for a day in their freight house: To protect us from terrorism. Don't ask me for details. I didn't understood that; the guy phoning with FedEx didn't understood that; and I'm sure FedEx didn't understood that either.

Well, so we gave the packages to UPS, who promised us to deliver them at least by this midday. "Promised" says all, doesn't it? According to their package tracking system, the current status of the package is: "MULTIPLE ERRORS EXIST IN THE ADDRESS LABEL. UPS IS ATTEMPTING TO DETERMINE THE CORRECT INFORMATION TO COMPLETE DELIVERY". It seems that one of the two boxed with DVDs is currently in Cologne, while the other made a small excursion via Paris (yes, that Paris in France) and is currently in a town called "St Brice Courcelles" (still France). Don't ask me for details about that - I can't understand that at all...

So, I'm very sorry, that we won't be able to hand out the DVDs at DebianDay tomorrow. Perhaps they will be delivered on Monday... of course only if they find their way out of France...

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[DebConf] Milk problem solved

A small note for the milk drinking people: If you would like to buy real milk, without any intrusive changes, don't make the mistake I made. Just look for this:
finish milk.
... and you will get quite normal milk (according to my standards: 3.5% fat content, pasteurised, not ultra high heated (or whatever "ultrahocherhitzt" means in english)).

Note: There is no cow at all printed on that milk carton...

PS: Uhm... should I start to think about something, when the first picture I take in Helsinki is a picture from a milk carton?

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