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Tue, 01 Mar 2005

My very own talk...

...was not really bad, but not as good as possible. Actually, I think I shouldn't use the word "good" at all.

I thought that delivering a talk about "HOW TO help Debian" would be a nice idea - especially since Debian Developers are not that common here in Asia as they are back home in Europe or in the USA.

I still think it is an interesting topic, but for various reasons I was bad prepared. As I mentioned previously so When I did the first dry run, it took my roughly 2 hours - a little bit to long for a 45 Minute talk :(

So I spend most of the night with restructuring and shortening my talk. And I fell to the other extreme - I shorted it a bit to much, removing some nice examples. Well actually I thought there would be more questions after the talk, but there seems to be a cultural difference.

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Mon, 28 Feb 2005

More funny food

After the bugs yesterday - only a squashed fried bug is a good bug - today they served amongst other things duck skin (tastes nice with sugar), duck bone soup (didn't liked that), a sweet sour fish (including hat and tail, if you turned it right, you could see his eyes) and duck brain (tastes salty and is quite small).

And they promised us more funny food for tomorrow :-)

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1 hour 'till keysigning party, and I forgot to print some additional fingerprints!

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rays installer

is the GUI installer of a Debian derivate. Stanley Peng is just talking about it. I'm, impressed: He showed some screen shots, and they look good. Even the partition dialogues seem intuitive to me. There seems to be a demo CD in the conference bag, so I need to find another test person for another "stupid unexperienced user usability"-test.

Would be interesting to knew, how large the changes are, they made to d-i for that, but since I'm not that familiar with the d-i myself, the answer would tell me much. But I'm sure, guys from debian-boot are reading this ;)

Their installer is available via svn, too:

svn co

They use X for that, not the gtk/framebuffer method. Perhaps some can still be reused.

BTW: This is the first talk to be delivered in a language I can't understand, but since it is translated in real time, it is not a big problem. Interesting experience.

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Andrew Lee just finished his status report...

... about of Debian in Taiwan, and I'm disappointed. After the big flame war about Taiwan, the PRC and how to name them in debian-installer and that, I expected at least fist fight, but after his talk they did a nice small discussion, and although I didn't understand all of their topics - some don't affect me, since I can find all characters I need on my keyboard - it is interesting, how they solved problems - like hosting - here. Didn't noticed how lucky we are back in Germany...

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