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Mon, 28 Feb 2005

First Day of the first Asian Mini-Conf

After Andreas arrived yesterday we finally found Roger and the other guys. We went to a nice restaurant, serving some kind of Chinese food. Not very surprisingly it was a bit different from what they sell us at home as "Chinese food". The first we learned is, that there is no "Chinese food" as such, but many different ones - not surprisingly, too, if you imagine how big china is. We had a mix of different provinces, including insects. And yes, Martin, Andreas and I tried them - don't know how it tasted like, since I ate something "a bit spicy" before. Someone took some pictures of of us eating them, I hope he will upload them soon.

I'm still impressed by the hotel - I used to sleep in my sleeping bag in a gym or on the floor at a Debian-Guys home when visiting other events ;)

After a couple of hours sleep (which I really needed), we had a nice breakfast, and just had the first two talks. Martin explained QA work and some other problems of Debian, while Andreas did an introduction to Custom Debian Distributions.

I needed to swap my slot in the schedule with Andreas, since I still have some problems with the borrowed notebook, the "broadband Internet access" in our hotel. But so I have time to port my talk to latex-beamer.

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Sun, 27 Feb 2005

Arrived in Beijing

... a couple of hours ago, after a nine hour flight. Couldn't sleep during the flight - well, when traveling by train or plane I found seldom sleep - but who cares? We are in a very nice, comfortable Hotel, I got a long, warm shower, and all we - tbm took the same flight - waiting for, is for Andreas Tille or Roger to arrive...

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If I get mails...

...asking what you need to do, to get an invitation for the Debian booth party at this years CeBIT or if this Party will be open for everyone, it seems to be time for a clear statement:

Yes, it is true: I announced a booth party. Please read my mail to the -events-eu list carefully. Especially the part bout the circumstances the post skriptum.


If you would to sponsor a booth party you are still allowed to contact me ;)

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Sat, 26 Feb 2005

Still feeling sleepy...

after the odyssey during the last days. Well, I promised you details about the DVDs we created for CeBIT. But as I said: I still feeling sleepy, and I should better start packing my luggage for my trip to china.

Although most work on the DVD was done by Jörg Jaspert and Martin Zobel-Helas, my statistic looks impressive, too:

Days spend for the project:4
Kilometers traveled by train:> 800
Kilometers traveled by foot:>35
Money spend for train tickets:> 130€
Weight earned on a one week apple (where for free at LOTS and fast food diet: 2.5kg
Money spend for fast food:> 40€
Helped organizing more than 25'000 Debian DVDs to be spread during CeBIT:priceless

There are funny thinks you can't buy :)

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Wed, 23 Feb 2005

Small mail problem

Yesterday I became victim of a small - uh - failure caused by PEBKAC with my mail setup and lost a couple (of thousands) of mails from last week. So if you are send something important, and I didn't answered yet, please resent your mail. Thanks for those who already did so. Special thanks to those, who phoned me to inform me about my mail problem instead of sending an email ;)

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