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Wed, 08 Mar 2006

[CeBIT] We won't have net!

Latest news from the CeBIT booth of the Debian project: We won't have net access. There must have been some kind of missunderstanding; I knew we wouldn't have any fast connection, but I thought we would have at least something! Makes it difficult to show what Debian is realy about: A living, vibrant community, where everyone can participate. Makes it entirely impossible to try to find the answer to questions visitors ask where you don't know the answer yet.

BTW: I don't have any net access at my accomodation, too. So these blog entries are some kind of futile. But last year, when I spend the whole CeBIT at our booth, blogging kept me from getting insane (more than usual). So I might continue writing down stuff.

But hey! That's not that bad! So you know that I got online, when I flood planet. You might even hope, that I read some of my e-mails...

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[CeBIT] Note to myself:

Next year I should realy reserve a seat in the train...

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