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Sun, 10 Sep 2006

Small helper for license checks

I'm sure you know the situation, that you have a package, which license file says more or less This is GPL and you later find out (probaly by a rejected upload from Ganneff), that there are some files from a different author or under a different license.

I found the following quite usefull for a quick and dirty check: egrep -Hi 'copyright|LGPL' $(grep -wriL 'GPL' *).

The inner grep will create a list of al files not containing the word "GPL"; the outer egrep will then create a list of all those files containing either the word "copyright" or the word "LPGL".

It's of course not perfect (and far from a nothing found? okay, let's upload it), but at least you'll get a list of files where it's quite sure you need to mentionen them in your debian/control ;)

Anyone has any better checks for such things?

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Tue, 22 Aug 2006

Note to myself:

When moving packages from one package to an other, take special care for proper Replaces: and Conflicts: lines.

Oh... and when finally testing the upgrades, don't waste your time testing it with plain dpkg on the command line. It will fail. You'll need to test it with apt-get or aptitude directly.

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Tue, 15 Aug 2006

Whish me luck...

... I'll have an important job interview on thursday!

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Mon, 14 Aug 2006

With special greetings to...



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Tue, 25 Jul 2006

AMD bought ATI

Adrian von Bidder asked that question on debian-curiosa and stated he would like to see it on planet, but for technical reasons hasn't his blog there:

I just read that AMD bought ATI. Is AMD better in terms of Linux support than ATI? Does anybody have contacts inside AMD or ATI who might be able to influence management to change the policy wrt open source graphics drivers now that the company has changed hands?

Feel free to join the discussion on the list.

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