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Tue, 16 May 2006

Still alive...

Allthough it might have looked differently from time to time, I'm still alive and recovering. I just learned that I can't do everything I would do myself. Makes live lot easier ;)

Had my BoF about representing Debian / PR in Debian yesterday. I didn't had time to prepare it as good as I lighted, though. But I think it was okay. We had a nice discussion and hade some nice ideas.

Nevetheless I think I disappointed some people, who would have liked me to concentrade more on one topic; thought it would be easier to cover both of them: PR work and event stuff.

I'm still impressed how much people attended my BoF. Even it was moved to get the python guys some more time, still arround 35 people attended. Wow! I thought I would end up with 10 or less... Thanks very much! Makes me think, that my work is accepted and valued even if it's non technical related ;)

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Mon, 15 May 2006

You know that you worked a lot...

... when you notice, that it's sunday just by the fact, that userfriendly has a big coloured strip today.

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Fri, 12 May 2006

Arrived at DebConf a couple of days ago...

... things I learned so far:

  • Either the air is quite thin here or I'm realy out of training
  • Mexican insect bites aren't as bad as finish ones
  • You can do stuff without having net
  • A DebConf where everything works out of the box from day one would be realy boring
  • Sleeping at seven millione degrees celsius is not an easy task
  • My tongue isn't broken enough to spell gracias! correctly
  • There are animals making noises which some times are quite painfull in my ears
  • Mexican food tastes good
  • The 10m diving plattform is higher than the palm trees
  • Jogging through early in the morning through a nearly empty hotel area has something... uhm... realy strange
  • Watermelon with chili is even stranger
  • Kolibris are interesting to watch
  • Keycards don't like human sweat
  • Sprinklers are nice to walk through; they should run more often
  • Walkie talkies are a nice thing to play with ;)

Oh, and I still need to write the report from the Desktop Architects Meeting earlier that week...

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Mon, 08 May 2006

[OSDL-DAM-II] In case you wonder:

The last blogs came via a borrowed network cable. Two cables for a room of sixteen. That's the portland group.

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[OSDL-DAM-II] Note to myself:

Never be trustfull and think that wireless will work!

Now we splitted in smaller groups and could have normal no wireless lan, if I had a cable! Which I didn't brought, since I thought, that surely in big company like IBM (hosting OSDL's DAM-2 meeting) they will have working wireless...

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