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Tue, 02 Dec 2008

Dear Lazyweb,

after my call for help when searching a backup solution for kind of special needs, I got a lot of feedback. Actually: I got more feedback than I'll be able to answer ;)

So I take this way to thank you for all the hints, proposals and scripts!

Special thanks to Bubulle for insisted me on using bacula and to Wouter for pointing out, that the default configuration will back up it's database automatically.

Works like a charm and it was some fun to install it, play with it, test it. Oh, and I even understood how to restore files from the backup ;)

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release critical bug stats

For those wondering about the statistics about the statistics about the release critical bugs in the upcoming release of Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 Lenny... well... first I forget them, and then thought there might be more people interested in them than the readers of planet.

So they are now a part of the Debian Project News, so if you haven't done so, yet: Go and subscribe to the debian-news mailings list :)

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