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Fri, 17 Sep 2010

Some notes about the Debian on the HP Mini 2102

The other day I got the HP mini 2102 Netbook I won at the Release Cricital Bug Contests. Many thanks for it!

It works more or less out of the box with Debian Squeeze, including Suspend, Hibernate, external VGA Port. Batterie seems to hold for about 7 hours, which is okay, too.

However, it wasn't shipped with Debian pre-installed, as I had been told. After unpacking the Netbook right in the train on may to work after picking it up in the morning, it was quite disapointing to just see Windows 7 installing some software for over two hours, before I could do anything with it! Booting the debian-installer via usb worked, but I couldn't use the keyboard (which BTW doesn't have Page Up/Down, Pos1 and End keys) in the syslinux boot menu. But as the usb-images ship with a setup.exe wich adds the installer to the Windows boot loader, that wasn't a major problem (it just took me a while to find it).

The HP mini 2102 is a quite new Netbook, but to my suprise nearly everyhting worked out of the Box. Some minor problems where the battery display. With Kernel 2.6.32 it only showed the current state, but no estimations how long it would hold. Installing Kernel 2.6.35 fixed that. The Synaptics clickpad (which is a touchpad without buttons physically sepperated from the touching area) isn't fully supported. The Kernel driver has already been updated (see #572842), however xorg synaptics driver hasn't been updated to support it. Don't ask me, why there hasn't been a bug report for that package; I asked for it in #597082 and put the packages on my people account. You just need to download and install the xserver-xorg-input-synaptics deb and you should at least have two usable mouse buttons. You can try some fine tunning as described in the Debian wiki, but not everything seems to be supported (e.g. multitouch, emulated third mouse button).

The last problem is quite interesting. While the build in wireless adapter works very well, it constantly looses the connection, when I connect it to my Palm Pre in his hotspot-mode. But I have no idea how to debug it, as it works very well with other wireless networks, while my regular notebook works without problems with the Palm Pre. So I don't know, why wpasupplicant constantly looses the connection and reconnects.

It someone has some hints about these two issues, an e-mail would be most welcome. Thanks!

Update: Oh, I got Pg-Up, Pg-Down, End and Pos1 keys via fn and the cursors keys! Yeah!

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Release Critical Bug report for Week 37

The unofficial rc bug tracker currently knows about the following bugs:

In Total:423
Affecting Squeeze:317
Squeeze only:107
Remaining to be fixed in Squeeze:210

Of these 210 bugs, the following tags are set:

Pending in Squeeze:15
Patched in Squeeze:36
Duplicates in Squeeze:22
Contrib or non-free in Squeeze:7
Claimed in Squeeze:2
Delayed in Squeeze:7
Can fixed in a security Update:11
Otherwise fixed in Squeeze:18

Ignoring all the above (multiple tags possible), 126 bugs need to be fixed by Debian Contributers to get Debian 6.0 Squeeze released.

However, with the view of the Release Managers, 255 need to be dealt with for the release to happen.

Please see my older post for an explanation of the different numbers.

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