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Tue, 07 Dec 2010

RC stat changes (again)

Uh... Holger just pointed me to an error I introduced, when I ported my script to create the rc stats from using the interface to the UDD: The Number of bugs for the release managers view did not included bugs fixed in Debian's unstable branch, but still open in it's testing branch.

Of course Release Managers are also interested in these bugs, as the packages fixing these bugs need to be migrated to testing (prefered solution) before the release can happen.

I just fixed my script, and reviewed the other queries. Seems fine now, so that starting with next fridays stats, everything should be working again.

Looking at it with repaired Release Team glasses, that brings us up from 110 bugs to 175 bugs. (And still 72 release critical bugs without known solution).


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New features for the RC bug stats

Ooops. It seems that while I worked on the script generating the release critical bug stats, I accidentally also published the stats, although it's not friday.

Sorry for that, but while we are at it: I implemented two tiny changes:

  1. The Ultimate Debian Database know about claimed bugs and uploads to deferred/delayed, too. So we can also take them into account.
  2. Each number is now linked to the respective view of the UDDs web interface, making it easier to browse through the actual bugs.

I especially hope that the later change will make it easier to RC bug hunters to find something interesting.

I also fixed the error naming UDD Universal Debian database instead of ultimate. Sorry, I know I was pointed to it quite some time ago, and I really thought I fixed it allready...

Update: Don't missuse a quote symbol, but link the numbers directly.

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Release Critical Bug report for Week 49

The bug webinterface of the Ultimate Debian Database currently knows about the following release critical bugs:

In Total:689
Affecting Squeeze:240
Squeeze only:87
Remaining to be fixed in Squeeze:153

Of these 153 bugs, the following tags are set:

Pending in Squeeze:14
Patched in Squeeze:53
Duplicates in Squeeze:20
Can be fixed in a security Update:20
Contrib or non-free in Squeeze:6
Claimed in Squeeze:2
Delayed in Squeeze:2
Otherwise fixed in Squeeze:25

Ignoring all the above (multiple tags possible) 72 bugs need to be fixed by Debian Contributors to get Debian 6.0 Squeeze released.

However, with the view of the Release Managers, 110 need to be dealt with for the release to happen.

Please see Interpreting the release critical bug statistics for an explanation of the different numbers.

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Alexander Tolimar Reichle-Schmehl lives in Tuttlingen / Germany. He works as IT manager (specialized on Unix and SAN/Storage) for an international automotive supplier.