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Tue, 26 Jul 2011

-273,15, aka Absolute Zero

Continuing the shameless self-praise from our ftp-team talk, I'm now pleased to present you on behalf of the entire FTP-Team the following:

As you can clearly see, you can see nothing. Yes, nothing! As of 18:55:52 UTC+2 the NEW queue, which at some times was well over 500, sometimes even 600 packages is now empty. Completely empty.

To the best of my (and Ganneff's knowledge) the last time the NEW queue was empty was at least five years ago.

Interesting enough, that triggered an yet undiscovered bug in dak, which refused to scan an empty directory...

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Slides of the How to contribute and get involved

The slides for our How to contribute and get involved are now available at Feel free to ask any questions we might have left unanswered via e-mail or irc chat (I'm Tolimar on

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Alexander Tolimar Reichle-Schmehl lives in Tuttlingen / Germany. He works as IT manager (specialized on Unix and SAN/Storage) for an international automotive supplier.