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Mon, 15 Jan 2007

[book review] Tuareg...

by Alberto Yazquez-Figueroa:

Just finished it; couldn't stop reading it! Really worth to be read.

Tuareg is the story of a tuareg, a nomad in Africa. He's living a happy live in the Sahara dessert, respecting the traditions handed down from his fathers fathers.

His live is changed, when two strangers crossing the dessert stumble half death in his camp. His honour is called into question, when soon after those two strangers, who are in search of a border, soldiers arrive and break the most holy law handed to him from his fathers fathers: His hospitality.

This book is quite exciting. As said: I could hardly lay it away (and that happens not very often). The only negative thing I can say about this book: I dislike the ending. Really. My tip would be to read everything, but the last two chapters.

I saw on amazon, that there is a movie about this book, too. Anyone knows something about it? DVD cover doesn't looks promising, so I'm quite curious if the film is even half as good as the book.

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