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Sat, 26 Feb 2005

Still feeling sleepy...

after the odyssey during the last days. Well, I promised you details about the DVDs we created for CeBIT. But as I said: I still feeling sleepy, and I should better start packing my luggage for my trip to china.

Although most work on the DVD was done by Jörg Jaspert and Martin Zobel-Helas, my statistic looks impressive, too:

Days spend for the project:4
Kilometers traveled by train:> 800
Kilometers traveled by foot:>35
Money spend for train tickets:> 130€
Weight earned on a one week apple (where for free at LOTS and fast food diet: 2.5kg
Money spend for fast food:> 40€
Helped organizing more than 25'000 Debian DVDs to be spread during CeBIT:priceless

There are funny thinks you can't buy :)

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Sat, 19 Feb 2005

Another month ...

another event. This time it's Let's open the source in Bern, Switzerland. There aren't that much visitors, but it's a nice event, although I found out, that it is sometimes easier for me, to talk to visitors in English, than to try to understand Swiss German ;)

We are showing bubulle's babbelbox, selling some shirts, while Skolelinux is on the neighbor table. Will push some photos and the slides of my talk (general introduction to Debian) online later.


I feel better, since I learned, that the Swiss have problems to understand each other, too ;)

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Broke my Notebook yesterday. Damn. Luckily I broke it after my talk, and a new one is already ordered.

Saw a nice thing at the booth of Novell / SuSE. Take a look at my gallery for some pictures.

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Fri, 28 Jan 2005

Back home

Arrived back at home from (this time without any problems with the car). I kind of liked that event. I had never so much fun at an event with so few stress ;)

During the afternoon of the last day, we had indeed some interesting visitors. A professor with his daughter / student / wife / whatever, which was nice talking about the progress of Free Software made during the last years, and about studying (of computer science) in Luxembourg and it's neighbor countries.

Only one visitor was a really pain in my neck. He complained about the Debian book Peter Ganten wrote. Telling me, Mr. Ganten forgot to mention two "really important prerequisite when installing over NFS". First I told him I didn't read the book myself and couldn't told him anything about installing Debian over NFS. But he still complained about this "stupid mistake" Mr. Ganten made. I asked him, if he has sent a bug report. He negated and started again to complain. He was like a broken record, telling me again and again "How someone can make a so stupid mistake?" This question can really get on your nerves if you hear it for more than half an hour. I tried nearly everything from asking for details about that books bug, too changing the topic at all, to finding an excuse to leave him all one (which is really difficult on an event with nearly no visitors). However: I survived, and I think my ears survived, too. I'm not sure if he survived: I met him again a couple of hours later, and he started again his complains. But I can't remember, what I did, but I didn't s him again...

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Wed, 26 Jan 2005

Been there, done that,

got a car. Yes, during the social event yesterday I won a small remote controlled racing car for the third place. A (bad) picture of me and my price is available in my gallery. After the race, we went to a nice restaurant. I'm still not sure, if it was French, Italian or Luxembourgian. Nevertheless it was a nice evening.

Just took a look in the nice Donation-box, Seppy created. Yesterday we got 38 €. Amazing, that nearly covers the shipping costs for the posters, flyers and DVDs we got from Credativ.

Second day of the and I still think, the number of visitors equals the number of exhibitors. Perhaps I should use the time, to finish my P&P, finish the next release of my tuxracer-extras package, start working on my last ITP. Or I just fake a blog entry, telling you after the lunch break our booth got overrun, and play a bit tourist ;)

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