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Mon, 08 May 2006

[OSDL-DAM-II] Topics covered here...

Currently me mostly concentrate on the following topics:

  • Portland Project (xdg-utils)
  • Sound / Multimedia
  • Desktop Standards (LSB)
  • SODA arch (just showed by Tom Schwaller, some kind of back to the roots componized application idea)
  • build once / installation / sytem management / etc. (independent Software vendors want something like autopackage, but it should work...)
  • printing

PS: I would like to add, that I'm not flooding planet again; but the wireless lan broke down, so you'll get severall of my blogs at the same time; I'm taking notes through this and thought they might be interesting for someone.

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[OSDL-DAM-II] Just came back from lunch

Now listening a bit about Waldo Bastians talk about Portland. Interesting stuff, didn't knew something like that was planed. Other topics discussed here: Printing, Wireless, Sound and Multimedia and Desktop Standards.

Other topic mentioned: Non distributable firmwares. I thought till now, that's mainly a problem Debian is interested in. Most common solution: Distribute that and wait for lawyers to come :(

Well, at least we could find some additional power bars.

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[OSDL-DAM-II] Interesting, whome you can meet here

I think I don't need to mention the usual suspects like Kurt Pfeifle and LinuxPrinting Tim. And even one I just flamed for not delivering his paper for DebConf in time: Alvaro Lopez Ortega. As already mentioned, he'is quite interested in creating a best of both worlds system. OpenSolaris kernel and Debian userland / tools. Encouraged him to continue and got some tipps for sun protection for Mexico in return ;)

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[OSDL-DAM-II] Small timewarp...

Greeting from OSDLs Desctops Architects Meeting II in Mainz, where I'm honoured to represent the Debian Project. Not much to say till now; we just started with an introduction round... but after 40 short introductions of people, I already forgot the first ones.

Personal note: I used to be stationed here in Mainz during my military service so many years ago... Actually: I used the same train station this morning than I did during those days. I nearly went the wrong way to my old barracks... but it was some kind of strange, unfamiliar. E.G. they started to dig an old roman theatre when I was the last time there, now they are nearly finished. Looks impressive... I never saw the beatifull side of Mainz (which might be related to the problem, that I always hated to be here during those days).

Oh, break. I need to go; will blog more interesting stuff later.

Oh, BTW: One bigger point of discuss here are standards, especially LSB and and what people expect from their next releases. I have just a very general knowledge of them and feel some kind of week about that topic... What do we expect from them?

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Wed, 26 Apr 2006

[DebConf] Sometimes I like my job

It is for example fun to be one of the first who heard about a new award Debian got, and add it to our website (should be up there soon, thanks again to Cyril Brulebois from the french language team for translating).

The not fun part of my job seems to be to try to write polite mails, asking people for something without stepping on their toes. Well, let's not talk about that; after having spend several hours on writing an other mail I just feld like blow my stack but deleted the stuff I just wrote... so let's go one.

Another not that funny part of my work were the proceedings I just finished. After I lost somehow last years work (I had a very nice system of texing all those papers, creating a big PDF for printing and several small ones for download), I needed to do a complete rewrite, which got complicated by people submitting their papers in neither LaTeX nor plain text as we asked to do. Some could be fixed by some sed magic, but I'm impressed what ugly code some automated conversion tools can create. But that's done, too, and we even had the great idea of adding a credits section for all the volunteers helping to make DebConf become reality. Having that done, I couldn't resist and added a small joke. One of those insiders not everyone will get... Forgive me :)

While talking about jokes: Did anyone noticed our quite new DebConf fortunes section? Feel free to submitt new ones.

Some other news: No, Gustavo, we didn't decided yet where DebConf7 will take place, but one thing is for sure: Since DebConf6 will be in Latin America the next one won't. We have several offers, including (but maybe not limited to, I might have forgot one or the other) Edinburgh, Brixen, somewhere in Greece, Sarajevo and... uhm... some people would like to have one in Germany but don't think we could afford that, so it's quite sure DebConf7 won't be here. But as said, decision has not been made (but it looks like it will be in Europe ;) and currently we don't have the time to think much about that. Let's try to get DebConf6 done first ;)

PS: Civilization has reached me! But they marked the wrong house! It is the one to the south east, the one with the empty parking lot.

PPS: No, this blog entry has no deeper meaning; I just feld like bloging.

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