Tue, 07 Oct 2008

About the number of rc bugs

In addition to my last post, here some information about the current number of release critical bugs.

Yes, it is true, that our official bug tracker lists the next release has still 264 bugs1. And some wonder, when Lenny will be released.

It's a little bit difficult to work with that page, let's look at the unofficial rc bug thingy I already mentioned in my previous post. As you might have noticed it supports several filters mechanism the official bts don't have. At the very bottom of the detailed list you'll see the overall number of the bugs matching your selected filter. So let's have a look at the number of bugs, which are already fixed in the unstable branch and need to propagate to Lenny. Currently that are 118 RC bugs.

Of those 264 preventing us to release, 118 are already fixed; the fix just hasn't arrived in Lenny, yet.

Okay, but there are still 147 rc Bugs open in both Lenny and Sid. So let's take a look at them. By using the filters at the top, you can calculate, that 19 already have a patch. 14 are marked pending (so they are already fixed, but the maintainer hasn't uploaded the package yet). 15 of these bugs have been reported multiple times and have been merged. Oh, and 3 are about packages in non-free and contrib.

Granted, for some of them, there is a patch, but the patch needs to be tested, or the bug has been marked pending by mistake. But still: If you ignore all these types of bugs, there are only 104 bugs left. one-hundred-and-four!

Summary: So the only thing left (beside the points I mention in my previous post) to do, is to migrate 118 fixes to Lenny somehow, get the 33 fixes for the probably fixed bugs uploaded, and fix the remaining 104 bugs.

Yes, that's still a lot of work to do... So let's get things rolling, shall we?

1: You might further notice, that the current stable release is affected by more than 700 bugs. However many of them are false counts, e.g. when a specific package doesn't build with a newer version of a compiler. The package in the current stable release is of course affected, so there it is kind of buggy. However, we can ignore these kind of bugs, since the newer version of the compiler isn't shipped in the current stable release at all. Those bugs should actually be tagged sid and lenny...

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