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Mon, 13 Oct 2008

release critical bug stats

The unofficial rc bug thingy currently lists:

  • 200 rc Bugs affecting the next stable release Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 Lenny:
    • 90 Bugs of them, fixed in the unstable branch Sid
    • 110 Bugs open in both, Lenny and Sid of these:
      • 14 marked as pending
      • 28 have already a patch
      • 13 have been reported multiple times

Ignoring bugs, which are marked pending, have a patch, have been reported multiple times or concern packages in contrib or non-free, that leaves 63 release critical bugs.

That's quite impressive compared to the numbers from last week. Thanks for everyone helping!

However 36 of them have been reported more than 30 days ago; maybe they are quite complicated, so please pay special attention to them.

PS: Yes, I know, that the layout of my webpage breaks the nested lists above. Sorry; will fix it soon.

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