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Mon, 07 Feb 2011

What a night! What a day!

Wow, that was a night. I'm still quite tired from the weekend. Someone told me, that ~ 1 000 people subscribed to our live denting via, and about 12 000 via twitter. And that does not even include those, who followed us via the respective web interfaces!

While it was quite exhausting (we tried to watch about 7 irc channels for the important stuff, I partly had ~80 windows in my irssi (which is especially bad, since I only have keyboard shortcuts for the first 40) and there was also a constant need to watch for mails and due to translations also our spamfilters), it was also very nice to think that somewhere there are release parties going on with people looking at our dents, maybe even having them running on a big monitor or projector ;)

One thing that remains to be done, are the left-over dents we prepared as time killers: Since the release process went quite smoothly (and we didn't have the time to check all our dents for the limit of 140 chars ;) we still have some of them left. Since some of them where requested (and I poked other people to get me the numbers) here are the remaining dents:

  • While IRC and Mailing-Lists are the primary forms of communication with and within the Debian Project, there's also a web based forum at
  • There are also many localized forums, e.g. the German
  • Debian's wiki has currently 8670 pages and 7760 users. It is viewed ~38000 times and has about 58 edits per day.
  • The version control system of of the website counts 92377 commits since 1998-07-01, when it was initially checked in.
    Note: That number was from the 31st of January. It is quite outdated now for obvious reasons.
  • 230 commiters worked on Debian's website since 1998-07-01, when it was initially checked in.
  • 5000 web pages are maintained by the webteam and translated into 35 languages.
  • When Debian 5.0 Lenny got released on the 14th of February 2009, the first website was translated into Vietnamese.
  •, the SourceForge-like collaboration platform for Debian, currently knows 909 different projects.
  • 10'748 people have an account on
  • also hosts 1080 public mailing list for said teams.
  • Not surprising: Debian's mailing list with most subscribers is debian-security-announce with 31408 subscribers, followed by debian-announce with 29483 and debian-news with 22857 subscribers.
  • debian-curiosa, the mailing list for All the funny stuff regarding Debian is only read by 946 persons. It is very low traffic.
  • Most active mailing list: debian-user with ~2000 Mails each month.
  • Debian's Sysadmin team takes care of 140 servers (including 24 virtual ones).
  • The naming scheme for Debian's servers are names of classical composers.
  • So the mailing list server was named
  • Debian's servers memory capacities range from 32MB to 48GB. All combined would amount to 892GB.
  • Hard disk capacity range from 2GB up to 12TB.
  • The first two DebConfs didn't have any budgets. The third had a budget of 5'000 USD.
  • DebConf7 in Edinburgh had the highest budget so far: 180'000 USD. It had also the most attendees: 394 people attended it.
  • During DebConf5 over 600 USD were raised by collecting the refund of empty bottles and cans.

I especially like the one about debian-curiosa ;)

Update 1: The 600 USD where collected during DebConf5, not DebConf3.

Update 2: Small clarification about the number of subscriptions on and twitter: They didn't followed a live-stream channel, but they do follow our general channel. We are not sure, how many people where subribed before we announced the live denting; some saw 700 subscribers on, which would mean ~200 seem to have subscribed for the release dents (still not including the ones just following us the old fashioned way via a browser).

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Alexander Tolimar Reichle-Schmehl lives in Tuttlingen / Germany. He works as IT manager (specialized on Unix and SAN/Storage) for an international automotive supplier.