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Sun, 17 Jul 2005

[DebConf] Remarkable, what people can forget:

I'm really impressed what people can loose, while listening to a talk. Of course there was one guy, who lost his wallet. One forget his skates, since he brought a pair of regular shoes and forgot after the talk to change. More remarkable: One person forgot his notebook - didn't thought geeks could do that.

Most remarkable: One forget a pair of sandals (no, he didn't had any skates. He put them of, and forgot later to put them on). I can't understand that: The sun was burning, the asphalt had a zillion degrees... and he didn't noticed he was barefoot?

Of course everything was returned to their respective owners, and even my favourite baseball cap with the swirl (which has still dust in it from three different continents...) was found...

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[DebConf] 5000

YES! I think I did it! If I calculated correctly (and the map is correct), I just jogged 5km! Without a stop! YES!

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Sat, 16 Jul 2005

[DebConf] A mystery uncovered?

Yes, it is true that today I introduced Holger Levsens BoF session Safer Hex in public a bit wrong. It seems that I indeed said "Saver sex" (and couldn't say any more, because the audience burst out laughing...)

Of course Holger choosed the title because of the this nice word game, and of course I got asked, if I did that on purpose.

I hereby try to answer all choosed questions at once:

Indeed I thought about that the evening before that, but actually I decided against it - that's not my standard for jokes ;)

On the other hand... you never know...

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[DebConf] Actually, I was about to write something else...

I was about to write a nice mail to the -events list, how I hate it to be waked at 06:00h by some insane people singing at my front door. Not fair to me, not fair to all the other volunteers and organization people, who need to get up early (and barely got enough sleep the last days...).

But while seeing you guys forming the worst band ever, I deleted my mail accidently while rolling on the floor laughing...

PS: Seeing those guys are feeling even worse than I do, helps a bit, too ;)

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Fri, 15 Jul 2005

[DebConf] One of the worst things to happen

As moderator you successfully shortened the queue at the lunch, come back in time, just to be told that the speaker you are about to introduce is missing.

Not missing as in the "He has been seen in the smoekki and is on his way and will arrive shortly" but as in "nobody knows at all where he is, and he hasn't checked in either". So we were standing here, and wondering what to do.

The speaker of the other session wouldn't like to move to the bigger auditorium, nobody in the audience had any knowledge about topic to do some kind of improvised session. Going home? Hacking a bit? Waiting for a miracle to happen?

Well, you could say that the last things happened, since suddenly Mark Shuttleworth and later Martin Langhoff volunteered to do some ad hoc sessions about distributed version control system and evolution of open source projects (with some smaller sidesteps) and contact with upstream. Both interesting, both were gratefully accepted by the audience (as far as you can use the word "gratefully" with always hacking geeks).

So, thank you!

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