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Tue, 14 Jun 2005

On, no, not again those lawyers

Could be a news from the "hard to believe department": A German webmaster of a forum (which is financed by two advertisements banner) is admonished (dictionary translation, not sure if that is the real meaning of "abmahnen"), because on of the forum users had a pseudonym protected by trademark laws.

The lawyer calculated the amount in dispute (another dictionary translation, should mean "Streitwert") to 100000 EUR, and therefore his share to 5200 EUR to be payed within three days.

Luckily the webmaster if the forum is going to court for this matter. Hope the judges understand the net better than the trademark lawyer - or can they really expect to check every current and later every new username for trademark infringement?

Seems that this is currently covered only by german newstickers - sorry. For those, who don't understand german: Just ignore it. Just an other stupid german trademark madness. Sigh.

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Fri, 10 Jun 2005

An easy way to send your soul directly to hell

No, I don't mean "HEL" and this post is not about upcoming DebConf-5. It's about the flamewar Jordi mentioned.

Personally I think this screensaver is quite funny and just represents the society (well, actually just a part of the society, namely that part, that puts pictures in the www). It's quite funny, to watch, what this thing will now find...

Funny sitemark: I stopped watching TV over a year ago, just to start watching a screensaver?

But back to topic: If the usage of that screensaver doesn't get you hell quick enough, you can try some games, we did at the university:

  • Analyse how many random pictures webcollage needs, before it displays pr0n
  • Try to "optimize" webcollage with proper wordlists, so it will find pr0n faster
  • Compare different search engines in their ability to find pr0n
  • Run several webcollages (e.g. via xinerama) and see, which one will find pr0n first
  • Make a contest out of it, where different optimized webcollages run against each other
  • Bet, which one will win

I think especially the last one - gambling on porn - is a pretty fast and funny way to send your soul to hell ;)

Oh, btw: See you in hel!

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Tue, 07 Jun 2005


I really won? Wow, that makes the release even better :)

And don't worry, Joachim, according to Marga's newest room plan draft, we no longer sleep in the same room ;)

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Fri, 27 May 2005

self-help group

Perhaps it's time to found self-help group? Seems to be a common problem to flood

At least it would be nice to have special "I flooded planet" badges at upcoming DebConf 5 :)

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Thu, 19 May 2005

Not so long ago in a cinema not so far away...

It's 02:26 AM local time, and I just missed the last train, that could bring me from downtown Frankfurt/Main to the suburb I used to live (if I'm not travelling around the world).

So I have roughly 3 hours, before I can get home, take a shower, take some breakfast, and get back to work. I could try to get some sleep (working for the university gains you a house key, being member of our student council a room with some couches)... or I left my books at home, so I have nothing to read again - I could increase performance of my script... but I have Internet access here, I could try to fix some RC-Bugs but I don't feel like that. I worked a bit to much, didn't slept very well the last days, and ate to much for diner...

Oh, diner! I could say, that I watched "Episode III" by accident. As said: I worked to much, and didn't had time to go to the supermarket. So went out for food, and while wondering what to do with this evening, I went by a cinema, and look! Episode III is getting into the cinemas today! And look! They still have some tickets! That wouldn't be far from the truth, but the truth is, that I planed to see the movie, but forget to buy tickets, and thought they were sold out. And by sheer coincidence I went to restaurant across the cinema, and by sheer coincidence, to get home, I needed to cross the street, passing the cinema, seeing they still sell tickets... so I went in and I mus say...

... that...

... watching...

... Star...

... Wars...

... Episode...

... III...

... Revenge...

... of...

... the...

... Sith...

... was...

... different from all the other nightly previews I have been.

Oh? Should I have placed a spoiler somewhere here? Hey, I don't plan to write any details about the story, don't worry. And by the way: You could have seen the End of the story some decades ago ;)

Well, something has changed. When Star Trek VI: The undiscovered Country came to the cinemas, the cinema was showing that movie and the previous five!

When Star Trek VIII: First Contact came to the Cinemas, the local Start Trek Fan Club showed some highlight episodes from the series, and the movie in German synchronisation AND in the English original.

When Star Wars: Return of the Jedi special edition hit the cinemas, I went at six a clock to the cinema, to watch all three episodes, while the cinema was decorated like the Mos Eisley cantina.

When The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring hit the movies, I did needed to deliver a talk about XSLT for a seminar. All my examples where inspired by the book and in my audience where guys with pointed ears, which got nearly mad, when I overrun my time slot a bit...

Well, and today? I almost forgot to buy tickets, and no one organized an Episode I to Episode VI marathon. Although I saw, that in an other cinema, they had at least some decoration and some costumed fans - but running around in a weird dress most people don't recognize? Come on, I'm a geek! Long haired, T-Shirts with nice, geekish sayings. People think all the year, that I look some kind of weird, so why dress up, to see a movie?

An other interesting point: The other preview where exactly timed. The movie started at 0:00, no minute earlier. Today, they had several presentations, starting at 7:00pm. And they call that a special, nightly preview!

Perhaps, my generation is getting old...

Oh, about the movie! I must admit, that it wasn't that bad. I think, that what rescues this movie is, that I saw Episode I and Episode II previously. Unlike when watching Episode I for the first time, I didn't expected too much from the movie. So I conclude: Hearing the first stertorous of Darth Vader and seeing him for the first time with a symmetrical helmet (a fact, that got special attention in a "making of" I read the other day) is worth to spend some money for a ticket - but only shortly.

I would prefer, if George Lucas didn't had filmed the first three Episodes. Perhaps I should get back to my garage, and continue working on my time machine...

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Alexander Tolimar Reichle-Schmehl lives in Tuttlingen / Germany. He works as IT manager (specialized on Unix and SAN/Storage) for an international automotive supplier.