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Fri, 09 Dec 2011

Release Critical Bug report for Week 49

The bug webinterface of the Ultimate Debian Database currently knows about the following release critical bugs:

In Total:1656
Affecting Wheezy:1005
Wheezy only:156
Remaining to be fixed in Wheezy:849

Of these 849 bugs, the following tags are set:

Pending in Wheezy:53
Patched in Wheezy:157
Duplicates in Wheezy:50
Can be fixed in a security Update:31
Contrib or non-free in Wheezy:9
Claimed in Wheezy:0
Delayed in Wheezy:9
Otherwise fixed in Wheezy:67

Ignoring all the above (multiple tags possible) 551 bugs need to be fixed by Debian Contributors to get Debian 7.0 Wheezy released.

However, with the view of the Release Managers, 906 need to be dealt with for the release to happen.

Please see Interpreting the release critical bug statistics for an explanation of the different numbers.

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RCBW (Release Critical Bugs of the Week) work flow addendum

Gregor Herrmann kindly posted his usual workflow for preparing non maintainer uploads (NMUs) fixing Release Critical bugs. I'd like to add, that it is usually a very good idea to also pts-subscribe to the package you uploaded, just in case you introduce some new bugs (see for #651452 or #651112 for examples of bugs I got to know after uploading NMUs).

When subscribing you'll get copies of BTS activity, teesting migration and similar. You can either subscribe to that via the package tracking system at<packagename> (see for example the iftop PTS) in the lower left box, or via the pts-subscribe command in the devscripts package.

I prefer the later method, as that also creates a pts-unsubscribe job via at. But please know, that you need a working mail transfer agent as well as the tool at for that. Well, and it helps if you have a machine running most of the time ;)

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Mon, 05 Dec 2011

Summary from the Bug Squashing Party in Hildesheim

Uff. Two and a half days of hunting release critical bugs ended yesterday evening. It think it was quite a success. According to the statistics we closed 23 bugs with direct uploads, we created patches for 11, 9 bugs got solved by package removals, 6 will be closed by uploads via the delayed queue, 2 bugs were closed as unreproducible, and 9 other bugs where closed as well (e.g. already fixed in older version). On the other hand we opened 3 and upgraded 6 bugs to be release critical. So in the end, we solved about...

60 bugs! Wow, I'm really impressed!

I'm also really pleased how well we integrated the newbs. As I already mentioned, when planing for this BSP started, we were a bit worried about the DD / non-dd ratio, but in the end everything worked out very well. All of those, who registered as interested users where able to fix some rc bugs, or help sort out some BTS hickups, e.g. bugs opened with package a but closed in package b. And as a special pleasure it seems, that the longest outstanding rc bug might be fixed soonish, too :)

I'd also like to thank Pengutronix for hosting and sponsoring the BSP! The infrastructure worked very well: You arrived, plugged in your notebook, had a local mirror, IPv6 and fast enough connection to the outside. They also provided lots of snacks, cooked food and drinks (later they complained Debian people won't drink enough; apparently they calculated with way more drinks) and a general good atmosphere.

PS: To the best of my knowledge, it was also the greenest bug squashing party ever, with most foods and all the electricity coming from certified ecological production. Cool, eh?

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Sun, 04 Dec 2011

Second day of the BSP In Hildesheim

Stats so far:
Closed with direct uploadeds: 20
Supplied a patch: 7
Closed by removals: 8
Unreproducible: 1
Closed otherwise (e.g. by proper versioning): 9

However, we also had to upgrade 6 and open 3 new bugs, but so far we still have solved more issues than we found :)

PS: Actually I think the numbers are even better, as we forgot to count some of the bugs.

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Sat, 03 Dec 2011

Report from the Bug Squashing Party in Hildesheim Part 1

Yesterday the Bug Squashing Party in Hildesheim, Germany started. I think it's going well, according to the statistics of the #debian-bugs channel, we solved 11 bugs with direct uploads, 2 with uploads to delayed, 5 via package removals and opened/upgraded only one. So we are still fixing more than we break ;)

I'm especially pleased that some of the above was done by newbies. When we started to organise this BSP (well, when I started to watch Meike and Wolfram organise it to be precise), we where kind of worried by the experienced developer to newbie ratio, and already started to prepare introductions to packaging and similar adhoc sessions, but as it seems they don't seem to be needed. Good :)

So back to fixing stuff, good hunt!

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