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Sat, 27 Aug 2005

Debian quiz

Christoph "Myon" Berg just announced hist Debian quiz.

I tested it, and found it quite funny (although some questions are a bit unfair... mainly because I added them myself... ;)

If you have some nice ideas for additional questions, feel free to get in contact. If we have enough questions, maybe we can replace PP and TS with the quiz.

While testing the quiz, I noticed (now comes the real reason for this blog ;) one important thing:
I'm important enough to be named together with Branden Robinson, Anthony Towns, several Ian's, supermodels and Toy Story characters.

Wow, I didn't passed NM, yet, but the quiz asks you for my title:

Alexander "Tolimar" Schmehl is Debian's
1: CIA
2: CEO
3: CFO
4: CTO

Of course he will delete the question, if I tell you the right the answer here, steeling my well earned honour, but as tip: It started as a joke, and became some kind of official, when it was published in the weekly news ;)

PS: Christoph, you are using TP, because you didn't got your wireless running with WEP, when I told you the web key in hex...

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We tried our best to help him!

Dear Madduck,

since several weeks we noticed quite some of your efforts to sell your new book and wonder if you are running low on cash? Did Microsoft file a lawsuit against you for using their intellectual property?

In any case we couldn't just sit there and do nothing. We passed around the hat for you in in the German Debian channel and collected a modest sum to help you though this worse time. Please tell us your banking account information, so we can transfer you the 0 Euro and 3 Cents as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
        Tolimar and some other friends

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No, I won't join the current meme, just a good tip:

If you use WEP to encrypt your home wireless a bit (yes, I know it's not secure), it is of course useful to choose a WEP-key whose ASCII string you can remember. But: Don't use an ASCII string, which is to private so you can't tell it other people visiting you...

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Fri, 19 Aug 2005

Alexander Schmehl, please fix your attitude

I still don't understand why he blogged at all, but I finally understand that I over reacted when answering Brenden's blog with an own blog.

It seems that I missed his attempt to be funny -- or to be more correct: It seems that I completely misinterpreted his blog.

All I can say is that I'm currently very stressed (at work, at university but most privately), didn't had the time to step out of myself to take a look at the overall situation… and that I'm sorry.

Branden, I'm sorry for being rude to you and hope that it won't happen again.

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Branden Robinson, please fix your attitude

Upgrade: If you intend to read this, please read my next blog, too. Or even better: Just skip this one.

Branden, imagine this: After a long day at work (at a really nice BBQ after that), you get home around midnight (local time). You decide to take a last beer, sitting in your garden (first warmer night in weeks), while looking into the stars (first not cloudy night in weeks), looking in your irc clients away log, if something important happened.

Nothing really important... a question about a talk I once delivered... a friend asking how I'm doing... and a guy named "Overfiend" shouting your name in a public channel.

And why? Because my old gpg key is somehow broken, so your gpg sends you some waring messages! Good god, is that all? Why shouting? Why blogging about that? Shouldn't you as DPL have more important things to do, than embarrass other people in the public?

To answer your questions: No, I don't know exactly what's going wrong with my key 1024D/CD15A883, if you would like to know the details, ask Peter "weasel" Palfrader. His knowledge about the internal structure of keys is better than mine. All I know is, that suddenly, after a medium sized key signing party, without me doing anything special (but giving out fingerprints), my key got broken that way. It still works, but gpg will send out those messages. Yes, I tried to resend it to key server, which didn't work. You can take caff's pgp-fixkey script, to repair the key, and you won't see any of those messages again (until you refresh my key). Yes, I already tried to resend a fixed key to the keyservers. It didn't work, since they simply re-add the broken removed packages again to my key. No, I don't know if it is possible to tell gpg, to ignore a specific key and never refresh it. And you don't need to do this! I don't use that key any more for exactly that problem! You could simply remove my key from your keyring, and could happily live ever after!

So, could you please explain to me, what you damn problem is? Instead of asking me via mail, if I know that my key is broken and what to do about it, or open an query (even if you don't know my nickname, it's quite easy to find out) and asking me directly, you choose to complain in a public channel and after I don't react (as said: I was away. Even I can't be online 24h/7d) you blog? Why? Of all possible forms of communication, blogging is in this case the worst! How do you make sure, I read your blog? I'm quite busy these days, don't read planet daily, and if Erinn wouldn't have told me, I might have completely missed it. Why blogging at all about that?

Oh, and yes, I know I'm doing the same error he does, complaining on planet instead of direct communication. If you like you blog something titled "Alexander Schmehl, please fix your attitude", but I'm currently in some kind of "G* and f*ck yourself" mood, so don't expect me to care about any blogs written about me...

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Alexander Tolimar Reichle-Schmehl lives in Tuttlingen / Germany. He works as IT manager (specialized on Unix and SAN/Storage) for an international automotive supplier.