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Mon, 11 Jul 2005

[DebConf] Feeling human again

Since Jaldhar was the main moderator of the talks today, I could leave the talks auditorium sooner. Nice thing, so I had time to do the jogging I didn't did this morning. Took a longer shower, shaved some parts of my body and now I feel like a human again.

Oh, and thanks Antti-Juhani for the milk vocabluary. I think every DebConf should have something like that :)

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[DebConf] Now I know, what I miss most here in Finland!

Did anyone saw any star in the night? Is it possible to see stars during summer in Finland? I can't see a single one. Even when I did a longer walk during night and was quite away from lights, I couldn't see a start :(

My very first own flat was in the 5th floor direct under the roof. It only had some kind of skylight, where I placed my bed under. So I could see the sky with all it's stars (well, all you could see in Frankfurt) while sleeping. That was cool!

Even now that I moved to an other flat (where I have sadly no longer a skylight), I often sleep under the stars, laying on the grass in my garden.

And now I haven't seen any star for five or six days :(

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[DebConf] BTW...

DAMN! That was my series! Oversleped, didn't had time for jogging, showering or even taking breakfast...

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[DebConf] HOWTO make your roommates really love you

Use your cellphone as an alarm clock. Set it to wake you at an early time. Stand up even earlier and leave the room. If it goes off and wakes your roommates instead of you, you are on the right way. But why stop here? You can easily earn some bonus points if you:

  • hide it somewhere, so your roommates need to search for it.
  • use a not so common cellphone for this, so your barely awaken roommates (who didn't planed to get up that early) will first need to figure out how to turn your cellphone of,
  • Set several alarm. Just to be sure.
  • Set your cellphone to a language none of roommates understands.

Downside of this: You risk to need to search your cellphone somewhere on the grassland outside of your rooms window...

PS: No it was not me.

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Sun, 10 Jul 2005

[DebConf] DebianDay and jogging

Good news: Since five days I'm running every morning. Don't ask me, how my feet feel...

Yesterdays "kickoff session" DebianDay was not as successfully as hoped. Some technical problems (rendering my talk quite funny) and organisational problems. Well, no problem to make mistakes, as long as we learn by them. So let's see, if we can do DebConf better (after a small discussion and two sessions, it looks promising).

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Alexander Tolimar Reichle-Schmehl lives in Tuttlingen / Germany. He works as IT manager (specialized on Unix and SAN/Storage) for an international automotive supplier.