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Tue, 05 Jul 2005

[DebConf] I hate planes!

If it wasn't the fastest way to get from point A (e.g. Frankfurt) to point B (e.g. Helsinki), I wouldn't fly. I don't like it at all.

Being a bit larger than the average makes it even worse, since I find normal economy seats quite uncomfortable. So I thought I would be smarter this time, and take the earliest flight of the day, which should be fairly empty.

Good strategy, my neighbour place was indeed empty - there weren't many people on this 7:30 flight... of course the airline noticed that as well. So they used a quite small plane on my flight. Actually it was the smallest plane I ever flew with. Some kind of Canadian CRS 700 or something like that.

So my strategy worked well, since I had plenty of space for my legs, toes and other vital parts of my body, but failed nonetheless completely: They didn't had any distraction on that plane! No movie, no cartoons, no music. Not even one of those progress maps showing you, that you are only two pixels away from your target, so you can hope, that you will make it there alive.

And: Only four columns of seats. Wherever you take place - you can see out of the window. Usually I like to sit in the middle of the plane - far way from any windows, so it is kind of being in a loud bus. But that's impossible in such small planes... and to make it even worse, I had of course something important forgotten: Something to read. Luckily the flight just took 2 hours, but flying 2 hours through turbulence didn't made my trip any better...

Well, I finally arrived. In one piece. Alive. Good. I just hope, the flight back will be in a bigger plane...

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[DebConf] Please?

At 6:45 am My prefered coffee bar at Frankfurt airport is closed while the toy store (A toy store at an airport?) is open? Sure, I bet there are many passengers which prefer to play with their new Lego toy instead of getting a fresh coffe...

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Mon, 04 Jul 2005

[DebConf] Checklist...

Tickets... check!
Passport... check!
valid Passport... check!
Notebook... check!
Talk for Debianday... check!
Some socks, T-Shirts and trousers... check!
10 working toes... check!
jogging shoes... check!

Seems I'm ready for DebConf5!

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Sun, 03 Jul 2005

I lost my brain at Linuxtag ...

... but at least my toe is getting better :)

So, I'm sorry, Alfie, but if everything goes fine, I will get to HEL un-wrecked :)

Oh, and thanks Helix and all the others for not telling me about the small typo I made. Good joke :)

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Fri, 01 Jul 2005

About names

Mako blogged about names and dates (yes, I'm a bit behind, quite busy). Did you know, that not only my name is Alexander, but one of my sister is called "Alexandra"? Don't ask me, what our parents thought about that ;)

But even better: Once upon the time, my sisters boyfriends brother was called Alexander, too. Guess what's the name of his girlfriend was! Yes! Alexandra. And my second sisters boyfriend was an Alexander, too, whose sisters boyfriend was ... correct! An Alexander.

Of course Alexander and Alexandra are far too long names, so all where familiar in being just called "Alex".

We managed it one time, to get all Alexanders and Alexandras to one party. That was quite an interesting experience, on the one hand, it was quite easy to remember all the names, or call for help in the kitchen ("Hey! Alex! Mind to lend me an hand?"). On the other hand, this was the most confusing party to speak of afterwards: "Did you know that Alex has a new car?" - "No! .... Wait! Which one?" - "The one who is engaged with Alex!..."

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