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Fri, 11 Mar 2005

And now for something completly different:

An not so crazy guy:

not so crazy guy from italy

This italien guy traveled all the long way from italy to Hanover. When he finaly arrived at our booth and got one of our DVDs, he just said: "And now I fullfilled my goal for this day.

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Current stats:

People simply thanking us: More than 34.

Especially noted should be the austrian, who repeated his "Thanks" several minutes, telling us, that he tried neary every Distribution out there, even several BSD derivates and Solaris. He came to the conclussion that "Debian is the best out there [especially because] of the good security support".

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An picture of an other nearly crazy guy:

He realy wanted to buy one of those UFie Mike posters, but we only have one in good condition, save the one the guys from the Chemnitzer Linux-Tag printed for us (printed on DinA4 sheets glued together and looking a bit pixelig, including some footprints of my shoes on one side, Sorry).

Happy: The new owner of a signed Mike poster

He thought it is okay, and left a big donation and asked for a signature on the poster ;)

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Some people are realy strange!

Or how would you describe that:

guys arm with a strange tattoo

And this was a present from his girlfriend! He told me, he might get a penguin to x-mas.

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I should have...

counted the people complaining about Fedora and who want to join the Rank of Debian guys, too.

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