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Sat, 12 Mar 2005

Dear Zobel,

yes, I know how to use a dictionary. But it often fails to translate the "spirit" of a translation.

A question to the native english speakers: Do you understand me, if I write here, that we here at the CeBIT got visited by many Opossums?

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CeBIT: Girlfriend says: Me or Gentoo!

Just got visited by a couple. She forced him to move from Gentoo to Debian, so he wouldn't spend that much time with his computer watching compile runs...

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CeBIT: "yellow thingies"

If you are wondering how to find our booth: It's in the Hall 6, Booth H18-402, in the LinuxPark which you can really easy find when, search for those yellow thingies:

yellow thingies

If someone has an idea, how to describe those (which glow yellow in reality, blame my cheap digicam) in English, please drop me an e-mail.

Oh, BTW: Does anyone know the English translation for the German idiom "Beutelratte"?

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CeBIT: Day 3

It's Saturday, which means: Students can get in to the exhibition cheaper... Well, I'm sure you noticed, that I didn't blogged that much today. Try to imagine, what's going on here.



I don't have time to read my e-mails, but I receive SPAM! I need to tweak my filters a bit.

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