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Mon, 16 Jan 2006

OpenSolaris at DebConf

Lars Wirzenius answered one of my last blogs about OpenSolaris being at the upcoming DebConf. I would like to give a short (and long overdue) answer, might be interesting for others, too.

Yes, you are right. Silence does indeed not necessarily signify consent; let me rephrase that: As long as you don't answer again, we did our job and you have the token ;)

However I want to clarify the accepted session a bit: No, we did not accept an OpenSolaris talk. I agree that such a talk would with high probapility be just an advertising session (perhaps even leaving out the important points where the two communities disagree).

What we accepted was an OpenSolaris Round Table. A panel discussion in our political track. I don't see a high potential of Solaris advertisement there, but a big chance to get together, talk and solve problems.

I would like to see it as a chance for a new start: When the two communities first got in contact (I'm too lazy to search the list archives right now, but I'm sure you remember the discussion, both sides made mistakes (them, when they ignored our requests/questions/principles; us, when we weren't as cooperative and polite as we could have been).

I would like to ask everyone attending this session to forget the last flamewar. If it doesn't work out and the problems can't be solved, we can honestly say that we really tried it. If it works out, we might get a nice, new, interesting port - as soon as they worked out the license issue.

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For those who care about abbreviations

Wouldn't it make sense to have FTWCA as new abbreviation for Debian?

Yes, Raphaels mail was IMHO offtopic. No, we don't need to talk about Mr. Suffields mail. Yes, let's get back to work, shall we?

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