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Tue, 23 May 2006

You know, that you are back home...

... when:

  • No one storms at you in a store trying to sell you something, although you are just looking around killing time
  • Temperature is bellow 20 degrees Celsius, even if it's summer
  • You don't need a power adapter any more
  • You can eat food marked as hot again
  • fruit salad isn't served with chili and salt
  • Internet is working quite fast
  • You understand, what's said in the PAs

But the best sign, telling you, you are finally arrived at your home, is:
You are on your toilette, wondering where the bucket has gone, and what to do with the paper!

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Alexander Tolimar Reichle-Schmehl lives in Tuttlingen / Germany. He works as IT manager (specialized on Unix and SAN/Storage) for an international automotive supplier.