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Sun, 08 Apr 2007

It's done!

Etch is released...

Time for some thanks... Thanks developers, who make it possible; thanks d-i people, who make it installable; thanks to translators, who make it available; thanks r-m, who keep it coordinated!

Special thanks to Joey, for going on vacation right in time so I have the honour to announce Debian releasing... twice in 24 hours!

Very special thanks to Meike, who didn't cared that I spend the last days translating the release notes, testing different images (and killing a very important machine while doing so), compose announcements, coordinate translations, finally sending out, answering some replies and forgeting to buy her some sugar eggs.

I would like to point out, that the last mentioned thing is not a matter of course, considering that we had guests during the last days, and she had to play host all for herself! Shame on me ;)

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