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Sun, 13 Mar 2005

CeBIT: Sometimes, there are realy stupid questions,

for example: "Why are all those Linux guys have long hair?" (I answered, that it might have something to do with the fact, that the hair of humans tend to grow), or "Why is the graphical system on Linux in general instable?" (okay, that belongs more in the "Questions which you can not really answer" categorie). But, I'm (still) quite impressed to hear something like: "I'm learing Linux at school now, they gave us a Knoppix, but I would like to have a real operating system..."

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CeBIT: Sunday morning

The storm of "pack rats" (Thanks for the translation) has not yet arrived. CeBIT not as good visited as last year.

Hmmm... well... perhaps they are just sleeping a bit longer.

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Sat, 12 Mar 2005

Dear Zobel,

yes, I know how to use a dictionary. But it often fails to translate the "spirit" of a translation.

A question to the native english speakers: Do you understand me, if I write here, that we here at the CeBIT got visited by many Opossums?

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CeBIT: Girlfriend says: Me or Gentoo!

Just got visited by a couple. She forced him to move from Gentoo to Debian, so he wouldn't spend that much time with his computer watching compile runs...

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CeBIT: "yellow thingies"

If you are wondering how to find our booth: It's in the Hall 6, Booth H18-402, in the LinuxPark which you can really easy find when, search for those yellow thingies:

yellow thingies

If someone has an idea, how to describe those (which glow yellow in reality, blame my cheap digicam) in English, please drop me an e-mail.

Oh, BTW: Does anyone know the English translation for the German idiom "Beutelratte"?

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