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Mon, 03 Nov 2008

release critical bug stats

The unofficial rc bug thingy currently lists:

  • 144 rc Bugs affecting the next stable release Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 Lenny:
    • 61 Bugs of them, fixed in the unstable branch Sid
    • 83 Bugs open in both, Lenny and Sid of these:
      • 10 marked as pending
      • 25 have already a patch
      • 10 have been reported multiple times

Ignoring bugs, which are marked pending, have a patch, have been reported multiple times or concern packages in contrib or non-free, that leaves 43 release critical bugs.

Again a big improvement compared to the numbers of last week. Thanks for everyone helping!

However 28 of them have been reported more than 30 days ago; maybe they are quite complicated, so please pay special attention to them.

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