Mon, 14 Jun 2010

[Update] RC Bug stats again published in this blog

As you have probably already seen, I started again to publish the statistics of the release critical bug reports. I stopped to do so, when I restarted to send out the Debian Project News, where they are also a regular part.

However I've been told, that quite some readers script the last part of the DPN with the regular things, like DSAs, New and Noteworthy packages, etc., as they already know them. So here they are again, published every Friday noon (CEST) by a tiny script.

Update: Moritz Muehlenhoff just informed me, that I should also ingore RC bugs having the tag security for my statistics, as they come in all over the time and can always be fixed with a security update or in a point release. Currently 34 bugs have this tag, bringing the total number of bugs to be delat with down to 187.

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