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Fri, 18 Mar 2005

CeBIT: Arrived at home

I arrived at home yesterday, and after the hole CeBIT stress and the shock of the (most probably) lost hardware, I really needed some dekahours of sleep.

Woke up today, found some gray hairs...

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Wed, 16 Mar 2005

CeBIT (final?) Report:

And here the final statistics of this years Debian booth at the CeBIT:

Number of people... comment:
...complaining personally about us being rude: 1see my previous blog
... trying to discuss the Vancouver proposal at our booth:6Ganneff was there, since you can't discuss with him, those tries ended really fast
... telling us, how much they like Debian, asking for one the posters, but are not willing to donate at least our own production costs:> 75most of them on pack-rat-Saturday
... just coming by to say: "Thank you!"> 375:high percentage (at least a third) thanked for the new, easy to use installer
... asking, when sarge will become stable:x \in \right] 0;\infty \left[_{\|R}too lazy to say that in HTML
... sending me their pictures of us, the booth or our talks:1HEY! Haven't you read my blog?
Height of the stacked paper money in mm:42uncompressed, just placed them sorted to a stack
Height of the stacked paper money in mm:9compressed
Weight of the donated coins in kg:approximately 2Sorry, needed to use an old, analogue spring scale
Number of penguins I saw, while going through the fair (excluding the LinuxPark):unknownSorry, got lost when trying to count with nine bits with my fingers and holding the nice calendar I bought
Number of special pre-release DVDs we gave away at our booth:> 2'000Uhhh... we ordered 2'500 IIRC, and some should have been send to the the event in Loerrach, but never arrived there...
Number of special pre-release DVDs pressed for us and the LinuxUser:29'000 
Number of mentions of my name in the editorial of the LinuxUser sold with our Debian special pre-release:2Thanks!
Number of mentions of my Ganneffs in the editorial of the LinuxUser sold with our Debian special pre-release:1Ha!

Thanks go to:

  • LinuxNewMedia for organizing the LinuxPark and inviting us to join it for the entire CeBIT with our own booth free of charge AND helping us with the DVD we gave away at our booth and which was sold with their magazine at their booth (and was given away at some other boothes, too).
  • Credativ, Linux Informations Systeme AG, LinuxLand international and OpenSource factory for inviting us to diner, lunch or supplying us with drinks and cookies.
  • FlexServ, Byteaction and Fujitsu-Siemens Computer for supplying us with hardware (although we couldn't use everything).
  • All Visitors who came to our booth, got help, and said thank you! It is nice to help you, and it was very nice to get this kind of support!
  • All Debian Developers, Package Maintainers, Bug submitter, Translators and everyone else involved with Debian. If you wouldn't create such a nice distribution, it wouldn't be so much fun, representing you at a fair ;)
  • Thomas Templin, Andreas Tille, Thomas Lange, Frank Ronneburg and the other FSFE guy, whose name I forgot (Sorry, I'm bad at remembering names and faces, but you are called "Sven" aren't you?) for manning our booth
  • All I forgot to mention

Special thanks go to the family Willmroth and Helge Kreutzmann, for not making a lot of money by leting rooms during CeBIT, but giving them to us a place to sleep.

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CeBIT: Nearly at the end

CeBIT is about to end in a couple of hours, and I'll this is a first attempt of a summury:

I think it was worth for Debian to has it's own booth. Allthough we sometimes didn't had any visitor, there were times, where we were crowded that much, that we couldn't handle all visitors timely with four people. I expected many more people asking about the differences between SuSE and us, and similar. But, as said before, there where quite many which just came by to express there thanks, especially for the new installer.

Personally, I would really like to see Debian with an own (perhaps bigger?) booth next year. Preferebly with some distance from tobit.

An other personal note: I can hardly remeber, that someone wanted to see my exhibitor pass during the last years CeBITs, allthough I entered the exhibition aerea before the opening hours. This year I got asked nearly every day many times: When entering our hall, when entering the LinuxPark, when reentering the LinuxPark late in the evening. Allthough they say, it's just for our comfort and safety, it bugs me quite a lot.

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CeBIT: Just wanted to let you know, that I'm still here...

... and I start to feel really exhausted.

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Tue, 15 Mar 2005

CeBIT: Yellow light poles

It's pretty much useless, to post that now, that only one day ist left, but I finnaly made a better picture of the yellow like poles (also know as "yellow thingies"):

Yellow light poles

Thanks for the translation, Lionel!

PS: It's the top of Joeys head you can see on the bottom of the picture.

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