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Thu, 07 Jul 2005

[DebConf] Snoring!

Again I didn't woke up by the early sunrise - actually the sun was just about to rise when I went to sleep - but by the snoring of my roommate. Fascinating, he seems to work better than an alarm clock ;)

Again went jogging, but couldn't find the right rhythm, so it was more like a major walk... spend the rest of the forenoon by waiting for news about a special friend, who needed to pass her final exam this morning. Funny - I spend a big part of yesterdays evening (and several other days) and night to convince her, that she is very well prepared, that she has no reason to be worried and nervous, just to wake up this morning, and be nervous and worried myself ;)

I promised her to keep my fingers crossed for her during her exam, and so I did... must have been funny, looking at me coming back from jogging: Nervous, looking at the watch every few seconds, fingers crossed, trying to eat my breakfast or chatting with only two fingers usable at each hand...

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Wed, 06 Jul 2005

[DebConf] The first morning

I did it! I woke up - interestingly not by the sun getting up to early according to my taste, but by the snoring of one of my roommates... Grmpf.

However: I did it! I stood up, and went jogging. Having not done that for more than a year, I didn't expected much, but I think I did well. Of course the first two kilometer were the worst, but I remembered the big failure I did when I first started jogging a couple of years ago. So I did some small pauses, and all in all jogged around 3-4km. Good, now I only need to continue this.

PS: Am I the only one thinking, that having the table were the breakfast is given away direct in front of my shower's window could easily lead to the next flamewar on -devel, this time with the subject "serious problem with Mr. Schmehl"?

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Tue, 05 Jul 2005

[DebConf] What a country!

Been in the supermarket. They have at least 18 million different types of milk there. At not a single milk carton had a printing which looked a bit familiar... so I bought the one with the nicest cow picture on it. Bad luck! I didn't even know, that you can buy milk, which got all it's lactose removed, to be sweetened again. Double sweetened to be correct. Bah!

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Just learned...

... that the primary function of the screensaver "phosphor" is not to show fortunes, but - if net is available - to show entries from planet. Nice feature!

PS: Yes, the primary function of this blog entry is to boost the likelihood to see my very own blog entry on my screen.

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[DebConf] I hate planes!

If it wasn't the fastest way to get from point A (e.g. Frankfurt) to point B (e.g. Helsinki), I wouldn't fly. I don't like it at all.

Being a bit larger than the average makes it even worse, since I find normal economy seats quite uncomfortable. So I thought I would be smarter this time, and take the earliest flight of the day, which should be fairly empty.

Good strategy, my neighbour place was indeed empty - there weren't many people on this 7:30 flight... of course the airline noticed that as well. So they used a quite small plane on my flight. Actually it was the smallest plane I ever flew with. Some kind of Canadian CRS 700 or something like that.

So my strategy worked well, since I had plenty of space for my legs, toes and other vital parts of my body, but failed nonetheless completely: They didn't had any distraction on that plane! No movie, no cartoons, no music. Not even one of those progress maps showing you, that you are only two pixels away from your target, so you can hope, that you will make it there alive.

And: Only four columns of seats. Wherever you take place - you can see out of the window. Usually I like to sit in the middle of the plane - far way from any windows, so it is kind of being in a loud bus. But that's impossible in such small planes... and to make it even worse, I had of course something important forgotten: Something to read. Luckily the flight just took 2 hours, but flying 2 hours through turbulence didn't made my trip any better...

Well, I finally arrived. In one piece. Alive. Good. I just hope, the flight back will be in a bigger plane...

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Alexander Tolimar Reichle-Schmehl lives in Tuttlingen / Germany. He works as IT manager (specialized on Unix and SAN/Storage) for an international automotive supplier.