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Tue, 12 Jul 2005

[DebConf] About stars...

Seems like I did a mistake in one of my last blog entry. Indeed you could see stars yesterday night. Well... let me rephrase that: You could see one star. Well... let me rephrase that: You could see one bright pixel in the sky.

Okay, one shiny little point in the whole sky isn't that much, but if you cheat a bit, that's quite good:

First you need to convince yourself, that it is indeed a star you are looking at (and not a satellite, or reflections from ISS). Than phone / irc / im / email / whatever your wife / husband / fiance / girlfriend / boyfriend / dog / cat / mother / whatever. Tell him / her / whatever to search for the brightest star he / she / it / whatever can find (it's easier if he / she / it / whatever is german, the german wikipedia has a picture how to find it).

Now you can imagine, you are looking both at the same star... that's not perfect, but nearly as good, as looking with him / her / it / whatever standing by your side in the sky :)

PS: No, looking at the moon doesn't count. That's to easy.

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[DebConf] Why are people make holidays in the south?

The sun over here is burning down, as good as in the south... I heard of a couple of guys got sunburn on their very first day. AND: The sun is burning down quite longer than in the south!

This would be a very good place for holidays, if they could fix this bug...

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Mon, 11 Jul 2005

[DebConf] Feeling human again

Since Jaldhar was the main moderator of the talks today, I could leave the talks auditorium sooner. Nice thing, so I had time to do the jogging I didn't did this morning. Took a longer shower, shaved some parts of my body and now I feel like a human again.

Oh, and thanks Antti-Juhani for the milk vocabluary. I think every DebConf should have something like that :)

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[DebConf] Now I know, what I miss most here in Finland!

Did anyone saw any star in the night? Is it possible to see stars during summer in Finland? I can't see a single one. Even when I did a longer walk during night and was quite away from lights, I couldn't see a start :(

My very first own flat was in the 5th floor direct under the roof. It only had some kind of skylight, where I placed my bed under. So I could see the sky with all it's stars (well, all you could see in Frankfurt) while sleeping. That was cool!

Even now that I moved to an other flat (where I have sadly no longer a skylight), I often sleep under the stars, laying on the grass in my garden.

And now I haven't seen any star for five or six days :(

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[DebConf] BTW...

DAMN! That was my series! Oversleped, didn't had time for jogging, showering or even taking breakfast...

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