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Mon, 14 Mar 2005

CeBIT: If you think, we are rude then please tell us at once!

Today I heard via several hands on irc the following:
hell, you debian guys are represented by some pretty rude jerks at CeBit.

Why don't you tell us this, when it happens? Instead of running away and complaining later on irc?

I try to be nice to all visitors and even give nice, charming and funny answers to really stupid questions, but since there is something which I call "fair effect" it might happen, that you think in a different way about this, than me. It's quite difficult, to be friendly all the time, especially if you are surrounded all the time by quite noisy boothes.

So, if I was rude, I apologize for it, but please tell me, if I was.

And if it was Ganneff: Don't be afraid of him. As long, as he had have enough food, he is okay... in some way or another.

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Sun, 13 Mar 2005

CeBIT: Update for the update of the update

After discussion with the rest of the booth personal, we came to the following conslussion:

Approximated number of people just coming by to say: "Thank you!": > 105

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CeBIT: Update

Approximated number of people just coming by to say: "Thank you!": > 65

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CeBIT: Well...

don't know what to think about that: There was a guy, coming to us, and asking: "Oh, Debian, do you guys do key signing? Never mind, I don't have no fingerprints" and then he just disappeared (dangerous question, if say the word "keysinging" somewhere near to a Debian booth at a exhibition, you risk to get overwhelmed by DDs suddenly springing out of the floor, throwing their fingerprints and IDs at you).

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CeBIT: Sometimes, there are realy stupid questions,

for example: "Why are all those Linux guys have long hair?" (I answered, that it might have something to do with the fact, that the hair of humans tend to grow), or "Why is the graphical system on Linux in general instable?" (okay, that belongs more in the "Questions which you can not really answer" categorie). But, I'm (still) quite impressed to hear something like: "I'm learing Linux at school now, they gave us a Knoppix, but I would like to have a real operating system..."

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